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The Algebrator was very helpful, it helped me get back on track and bring back my skills for my next school season. The program shows step by step solutions which made learning easier. I think this would be very helpful to anyone just starting to learn algebra, or even if they already know it, it would sharpen their skills.
Derek Brennan, IL

My son has used Algebrator through his high-school, and it seems he will be taking it to college as well (thanks for the free update, by the way). I really like the fact that I can depend on your company to constantly improve the software, rather than just making the sale and forgetting about the customers.
T.P., Wyoming

This version is 1000 times better then the last. It's easier to use and understand. I love it! Great job!
Farley Evita, IN

I am so far quite pleased with the program
James Mathew, CA

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