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I do not have any issues. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad I purchased your product. I also appreciate the updates as they not only make for a better looking product, but things seem to be more user friendly now.
M.B., Illinois

Hi, I wanted to comment on your software, not only is it really easy to follow, but I can hide the step by step procedures, or choose to show them. Also, the fact that it explains how to use the rules.
Kathleen Becker, PA

I decided to home school my children at a young age. Once they were older, I quickly realized that I was not able to create efficient math lesson plans before I did not have the knowledge to do so. Algebrator not only allowed me to teach my children algebra, but it also refreshed my knowledge as well. Thank you for creating sure a wonderful program!
Trish Cooper, CO

What a great friendly interface, full of colors, witch make Algebrator software an easy program to work with, and also it's so easy to work on, u don't have to interrupt your thoughts stream every time u need to interact with the program.
Marsha Stonewich, TX

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