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The most thing that I like about Algebrator software, is that I can save the expressions in a file, so I can save my homework on the computer, and print it for the teacher whenever he asked for it, and it looks much prettier than my hand writing.
Margaret, CA

As the parent of an ADD child, Ive tried many different tutors and learning programs, and none have really worked. So, I must admit, I was skeptical about using yours. So soon after, when my sons math teacher called me to setup a meeting, I thought, Great, what now? But, to my delight, she wanted to know what my secret was because, as she put it, my son had done a complete 180 and was now one of her best students! So I told her what my secret was: your software!
Susan Freeman, OH

A solid software and we need more like it. Good job.
M.D., Missouri

A friend recommended this software and it really helped me get all my homework done faster and right. I strongly recommend it.
Alden Lewis, WI

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