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Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Char

Grade: 4

Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Character Education


• Math- (4.4D, E) The student multiplies and divides to solve meaningful problems involving
whole numbers.


• Math- The student will be able to multiply and divide in problem solving situations.

Subject: Math Connection

 1) Students will create word problems to demonstrate an understanding of multiplication and
division. The word problems must include real world situations involved with Potters for Peace.

Example: A multiplication word problem might require students to research and record the
number of lives that can be saved by one water filter. If each person in our class could
make one water filter, how many lives can be saved?

Week 3

Assignment/Procedure: The studies this week will focus on giving back to the community. Each
student will have the opportunity to either build a water filter or organize a fund raiser to donate money
to Potters for Peace. Each student will be required to raise enough money for the cost of one filter. Once
this project is completed, students will journal their thoughts. Did giving feel better than receiving?
What are other ways you can give back to the community?


• Math - students will be evaluated on their ability to understand when to multiply and when to
divide. Can they perform the steps of multiplying a two digit number by a two digit number?
Does a student know the steps in long division?

Extension of Unit: The task of building a water filter would require many resources from the
community. This project is a great opportunity to invite guest speakers into the classroom or link this
project to other community service projects. Once each student builds a water filter or raises enough
money for one filter, the class can extend the math lesson to determine how many lives have been saved
through their efforts.